Deadline for registration and necessary information 1 kwietnia, 2021

Attention! The time for registration and sending papers to the CEI conference has been extended until April 14, 2021. Due to the remote nature of the conference, the form of presenting your work as a poster will take place as a short 5-minute presentation in real time (in the power point program, maximum 5 slides). […]

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Important information for CEI-2021 participants 24 marca, 2021

Due to data migration and minor technical problems, we kindly ask all the people who applied to participate in the CEI-2021 conference to resend their participation application.

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It’s comming! Current Environmental Issues 2021 20 stycznia, 2021

Dear Colleagues, We would like to invite all of you involved in the studies of the state of the natural environment (biologists, ecologists, economists, analysts and others experts) to participate in the XVI International interdisciplinary conference „Current Environmental Issues-2021”, which will be held on September 22-23, 2021 in the Faculty of Biology of the University […]

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